Message from our CEO

For us, entertainment is all about the moments when we exceed your expectations.
We seek to provide all customers who use the content we have created, and all companies that do business with us, an enriching experience that makes them say "this exceeded my expectations!"

Yuki Naito

Drecom Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Naito Yuki

We bring exciting moments to your everyday life with our "with entertainment" services.

We always seek to bring exciting moments to you every day and fill it with joy by offering new experience and services. Our founding-ever credo "with entertainment" embodies our ultimate goal to bring excitement.

For us, entertainment is any moment that exceeds the expectations of the audience.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the customers who use our content and all the companies we do business with. We want to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations! We want to deliver an experience that will make you happy. We've had our share of successes, and we've had our share of failures. I am proud to say that I have always been sincere in my commitment to this idea, and that is why I am here today.

I was a university student when I founded Drecom in 2001. Thanks to your support, we have been able to celebrate our 20th year in business (as of March 2020). Currently, our core businesses are games for smartphones and advertising and media businesses. From our original mainstay blog service to our current mainstay game business, we have greatly changed the services we offer in response to the changing times.

In the short term, we have had ups and downs. But in the long term, we have been steadily climbing the stairs. Whenever the going gets tough, we have challenged ourselves to change, rather than defend.

The pace of change in the world is increasing at an accelerating rate. In this age of rapidly changing market trends, in order to continue to be like Drecom with entertainment, we believe it is important to continue to take on the challenge of change while keeping our core intact.

When I think about what is necessary for Drecom to be a going concern, I strongly feel that it must be a situation where new services and inventions continue to be born, not to mention management stability. I strongly feel that we need to be in a situation where new services and inventions continue to be born. Economic and business stability and a challenging situation that enable us to continue to produce new things. For Drecom, going concern is to have both of these wheels turning.

Our vision is to keep producing inventions, and we will continue to take on the challenge of new inventions in order to deliver "with entertainment" every day. We would like to ask for your continued support and understanding.

Drecom Co., Ltd.
President & CEO: Naito Yuki