We strive to create an invention ecosystem which serves incubation hub for new services

We provide services in the following two segments: game and media

Game Business

We develop and operate multiple hit games, including titles featuring popular animation IPs


Experience live through your phone and feel the excitement of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, known for their vast history of legendary matches. "New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits" is brought to you by a tag-team of Bushiroad and Drecom, providing the ultimate pro-wrestler management experience.

Genre: Ultimate Pro-Wrestler Management Game
February 2022
Title: New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits

魔界戦記ディスガイアRPG ~最凶魔王決定戦!~


Distributed and provided by Drecom.

©2019 ForwardWorks Corporation. ©Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Published by Drecom Co., Ltd.

Launch: November 2019



Distributed and provided by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. with development cooperation by BlasTrain Inc. and Drecom.

©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Launch: April 2018



Distributed and provided by ForwardWorks Co., Ltd. with development cooperation by Drecom.

©2019 ForwardWorks Corporation. Developed by Drecom Co., Ltd.

Launch: July 2017

Derby Stallion Masters

"Derby Stallion Masters"

Distributed and provided by Drecom.

Launch: November 2016

Chocotto Farm

"Chocotto Farm"

Distributed and provided by Drecom.

Launch: January 2011

Media Business

We develop new services within our vision of producing "seeds of invention"

We have developed and operated a number of web-based services, including Japan's first enterprise blogging service, which was our main business when founded. By leveraging the know-how we have gained through this past service offering, we develop new services, seeking to produce new inventions.

Media Business

A platform for developing location-base game, using 3D real maps and POI (Point of Interest) data.
With this service, individual and small-medium game developers can develop location-based games with ease and at low cost.


With the concept of "making fans more than fans," this service provides fans with a chance to get excited and connect with each other on Twitter.


Marketing service using YouTube. Actively promoting video streaming and viewer community.

load testing

We provide consulting service on server stress testing and DevOps support by leveraging our know-how in service availability and robustness gained through the past experience of developing and operating large-scale web services.

Publishing/Film Business
Drecom Media


Producing IP with a variety of unique works, and maximizing value with strategic cross-media planning.

Drecom Media, a publishing and film business brand, delivers memorable works through "DRE Label" that handles webtoons, light-novels, comics and cross-media, along with promoting new novels through the "Drecom Media Award".
Not only making our titles hits, but aiming to maximize the value of our works through cross-media planning.


DRE STUDIOS is a webtoon label aimed at creating high-quality original work for fans worldwide.


DRE NOVELS is a novel label that mainly edits and releases new novels and web novels publishing in both paper and e-book.


DRE COMICS is a label for comic adaptation of DRE NOVELS to be published in both paper and e-book.


DRE PICTURES plans and produces animation for our own IPs.


Drecom Media Award is a non-genre restricted award for new novelists. The award has one of the highest standards in the industry for both rewards and selection committee.
Awarded works will be considered for adaptation in novels, comics and webtoons thorough DRE MEDIA Brand.
Additionally, they will be adapted as a voice dramas as well.