Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC -, Find Satoshi Lab, operator of STEPN, and Emoote, a fund specializing in Web3, have agreed to a strategic marketing partnership


We are pleased to announce that Find Satoshi Lab, which operates the Web3 lifestyle application STEPN and the NFT marketplace and launch pad MOOAR, and Emoote, a fund specializing in Web3, have agreed to an alliance based on a strategic partnership utilizing the "Wizardry" IP owned by Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) and being developed with Turingum K.K. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo).

Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - is strengthening partnerships with key domestic and international industry players in preparation for the implementation of Wizardry BC INO, which will sell the Adventurer Genesis Collection, the first NFT collection of this title, as an Initial NFT Offering ("INO").

Through this partnership, with Emoote, a global Web3 Crypto Fund with a rich network within the industry, especially in the entertainment and media space, and FSL, a Web3 product development and management company with strong community development and management capabilities, as advisors, Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - will draw on the world-class, cutting edge, and highly practical knowledge they have acquired to date to implement a variety of measures in this project's marketing and community development, as well as to consider and implement collaborations that leverage their respective assets.

■Comment from the Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - team by Yuki Naito, President and Representative Director
Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - has decided to collaborate with Emoote, a Web3 Crypto Fund, and Find Satoshi Lab, the operator of the Web3 lifestyle app STEPN, and together they will pioneer the future of blockchain gaming.
Collaborating with Emoote, with its strength in Web3 networking, and Find Satoshi Lab, which has achieved great results in the operation of STEPN and MOOAR, is expected to bring fun and new and exciting adventure experiences to a wider range of players.

■Comment from Find Satoshi Lab Chief Revenue Officer Mable Jiang
Mable Jiang, the Chief Revenue Officer of Find Satoshi Lab said: We are super thrilled to be able to collaborate with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC -  to explore the world of Web3 together. We hope this collaboration can help more people start enjoying Web3 entertainment products in a seamless way.

■Comment from Emoote General Partner Yuji Kumagai
I'm delighted to announce our collaboration with Drecom, which has produced several hit titles, to support their blockchain game together with our portfolio, Find Satoshi Lab.
Personally, I'm excited to be working with Drecom again, as it brings back memories from my time as a student.
We hope that this collaboration will bring even more game enthusiasts to enjoy this fantastic game.

About Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC -


Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - is a blockchain game being developed utilizing the "Wizardry" IP owned by Drecom Co., Ltd. It features a game system that blends simple, easy-to-play clicker gameplay with the strategic play style of an RPG. It aims to provide a blockchain game that can be enjoyed by many people around the world, utilizing the technologies of the Web3 domain such as blockchain and NFT.

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About Drecom Co., Ltd.
Drecom Co., Ltd. is an entertainment company based in Tokyo, Japan. Drecom has over 10 years of experience as a mobile game developer, having worked on many IP-based game titles, and has developed numerous commercially successful games.
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About Emoote Pte. Ltd.
Emoote is a Web3 venture capital firm based in Singapore and Tokyo. With a mission to "Entertain the world. Resonate with creators.", Emoote develops various collaborations with a focus on entertainment, media and lifestyle.
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About Find Satoshi Lab
Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is a fast-growing web3 product development studio. We believe in building a range of enjoyable web3 products that are close to people's lives. FSL aims to accelerate the world's transition to web3. Under FSL, we have a suite of products, among which STEPN and MOOAR are the flagship products, and Gas Hero is the most expected title for 2023.
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ZEAL NOVA DMCC is a game publisher based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have obtained a license at Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)as a game publisher.
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About Turingum K.K.
Turingum K.K. is a consulting firm specializing in blockchain technology. It operates in the Web3 domain as a subsidiary, Kusim Corporation, listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
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