Mx.Load, a cloud-based load testing tool, is a B2B service that solves load issues, introduces an AI-based report generation feature!


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) is pleased to announce that with the January 5, 2024 update, an AI-based report generation feature has been introduced to the previously-released cloud-based load testing tool, Mx.Load. With Mx.Load, Drecom continues to provide services which solve issues in the development and operation of internet services.

What is Mx.Load?

Mx.Load is a cloud-based load testing tool provided by Drecom. It provides functions to automate scenario creation, attack server setup, load test execution, and reporting, which are complicated tasks in load testing, and can reduce the cost and man-hours of engineers involved by up to 80%.

In addition, if you are already conducting load testing with Jmeter or Locust, you can start load testing using your existing scripts.

■Background of the Service
Connection delays and server downtime are major factors in user abandonment of internet services. Furthermore, with the proliferation of cloud services, even if a load can be temporarily overcome, transmission costs will increase, and measures to deal with the underlying load become essential. However, there are issues with cost allocation and insufficient man-hours to devote to load testing countermeasures.
Drecom has more than 10 years of experience in mobile game development and operation, as well as in the development and operation of popular IP game titles and platforms with large user bases. Using these experiences, Drecom provides support services such as Mx.Load to solve development and operational issues such as load balancing for internet services.

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Introducing AI-based report generation for smoother man-hour reduction!

The recent update adds AI-based test report generation to Mx.Load. With this update, it is now possible to automatically generate reports from raw data based on load test results. Mx.Load supports scenario creation, attack server setup, load test execution, and reporting, for load-testing, but now, with the introduction of AI, the reporting process can be executed more smoothly, and the man-hours required to prepare reports can be even further reduced.

■Four features of the new Mx.Load
1. Testing can begin as little as one hour after an account is issued.
2. Automatic scenario generation greatly reduces engineer man-hours.
3. Load testing can be integrated into the daily development cycle to ensure continuous quality assurance.
4. Automatic report generation by AI reduces the reporting workload.

Mx.Load Load Consult, a consulting service that provides support for load countermeasures

Drecom has begun offering Mx.Load Load Consult, a consulting service that solves load countermeasure issues and supports in-house production in order to ensure services that never fail.

■Status of engineers for load testing
Prior to the launch of Mx.Load Load Consult, Drecom held an online load testing event for engineers and conducted a survey on load testing among the 180 engineers who attended.
While 75% of those who responded to the survey had experience in load testing, the most cited issue was "not knowing how to do testing" by 52.3% of all respondents. Furthermore, 72.6% of the respondents answered, "before service release," while 8% responded "periodically" in regards to frequency and timing of load testing.

 Based on the survey, we launched the Mx.Load Load Consult service to solve the issues many engineers face, such as lack of in-house know-how and testing methods, lack of time and human resources for load testing, and inability to perform load testing on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us not only for temporary load testing and support for load countermeasures, but also for support tailored to your characteristics to ensure continuous quality, based on our experience in developing and operating games and platforms with large numbers of users.

■Contact Information
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