Mx.MSP, a game and web development and operation support service that reduces cloud costs by 30% or more, has released! It supports long-term operation of services with know-how in large-scale game development and operation.


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will begin offering Mx.MSP, an MSP service for companies that develop and operate games and web services, on February 16, 2024. This service will, through our know-how, support long-term operation of services through cloud migration, maintenance, operation, and monitoring of infrastructure on behalf of the client.

What is Mx.MSP? It provides first-hand know-how based on our experience of successfully reducing costs by 30% or more.

It primarily provides cloud migration and MSP services such as infrastructure maintenance, operation, and monitoring to help reduce infrastructure costs for service operations and maintain service quality.

■Background of the Service

One of the problems faced by game and web service operators over the long term is the need to review service infrastructure costs due to factors such as those costs not being proportional to sales, and rising cloud costs due to the depreciation of the yen. In response to these issues, Drecom has worked to optimize infrastructure costs by migrating to cloud services to achieve long-term operation of its own services, which have more than several hundred thousand DAUs, and has succeeded in reducing costs by more than 30%.
There are many barriers to infrastructure cost reduction, such as not knowing which cloud to choose, how much cost can be reduced, and the lack of human resources to allocate. Drecom has launched its Mx.MSP service to provide practice-based cloud migration, maintenance, operation, and monitoring know-how specialized for game and web service development and management, taking advantage of its experience in tackling and solving such issues.

■Three features of Mx.MSP

1. Enables selection of the most suitable cloud to migrate to for services, ensuring cost savings.
2. Redesigns and rebuilds the optimal infrastructure for the selected cloud to modern maintenance and operations.
3. Periodic review of infrastructure costs.

Mx.MSP can realize cost reductions of 30% or more and maximize the cost performance of the cloud by formulating a cloud strategy tailored to the current state of the service and redesigning and rebuilding the infrastructure as needed. In addition, regular cost reviews allow us to provide in-depth support, similar to having our own infrastructure personnel.
In addition, Drecom has taken various steps to control cloud costs, such as migrating from on-site to the cloud and from the current cloud to an alternative. Our team of engineers who have handled these issues will provide a one-stop service, from proposal and execution of the most appropriate migration for your service, to subsequent maintenance, operation, and monitoring.

■Contact Information

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