A coming-of-age fantasy of the frontier girl's realm that begins in reverse! The Young Lord of House Fynranz is now available exclusively on Piccoma!


Drecom Media, the publishing and video brand of Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), DRE STUDIOS' second work, The Young Lord of House Fynranz, will be available exclusively on Piccoma starting today, February 23.

SMARTOON-exclusive advanced distribution of The Young Lord of House Fynranz begins

SMARTOON® started exclusive pre-distribution of The Young Lord of House Fynranz today, February 23 via the digital manga/novel service, Piccoma.

The script is written by Punichan, author of the novel Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai sareru, which has sold more than 5 million copies, and the production team of talented manga artists notably includes Ume Shiosaki for storyboarding and Peki Ao for art.

Lisbeth, the "Stone Princess," is married to the tenth crown prince, Reinhardt, in a political marriage. Life with her husband is not going well, and her correspondence with friends in other countries is condemned as an act of trafficking. Then, as she breathes her last lonely breath, thinking of her hometown, she realizes that she has returned to the age of seven. We hope you will enjoy the story of Lisbeth's growth as she struggles to find happiness for herself and her realm.

The Young Lord of House Fynranz


Script: Punichan
Storyboard: Ume Shiosaki
Art: Peki Ao

This is my second chance at life ,and this time I will save the realm!

"I am Lisbeth. I'm seven years old. I'm going to use the knowledge from my previous life to further develop my realm!"

Lisbeth was born the daughter of frontier count Fynranz. But then she is accused of a crime she does not remember and imprisoned in an underground stone dungeon because of her correspondence with friends from other countries, which she did to distract herself from her loneliness. Her pleas fall on deaf ears, and she passes away in solitude...

"Am I...in the past...?"

When next she wakes, she finds herself in a warm bed, back in the days when she was happy and seven years old! A coming-of-age fantasy of the frontier girl's realm that begins in reverse! All right!

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