Revenge: The President's Guard co-produced by Drecom and TV Tokyo begins advanced distribution.


Drecom Media, the publishing and video brand of Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), will begin distribution of Revenge: The President's Guard, the third title from the webtoon label DRE STUDIOS, via LINE Manga and ebookjapan starting today, March 4.

[Drecom x TV Tokyo] Webtoon Revenge: The President's Guard begins distribution

Advanced distribution of the webtoon Revenge: The President's Guard began today, March 4, on the e-comic distribution services LINE Manga and ebookjapan.

This is a co-production between Drecom and TV Tokyo, leveraging their strengths creativity and marketing to develop the production to enhance their synergy.

Sota, who works as a security guard for the President of the United States, is a shrewd secret service agent known as Aegis, or "God's Shield." However, while on guard duty one day, he is caught in an explosion caused by a terrorist attack targeting the President. When Sota comes to, he finds himself back in high school. We hope you enjoy thrilling action as he re-does his life starting as a high school student in peak physical form, in order to stop the incident that occurred.

Revenge: The President's Guard


Script: Fuyu Aoki
Storyboard: roko.
Art: tetsu

Thrilling battle action by a former secret service agent trying to start his life over!

January 20, 2033, White House inaugural podium; Liam, 49th President of the United States, delivers his inauguration speech. Sota, a Secret Service agent standing guard by Liam's side, is known as Aegis ("God's Shield"). In the middle of the speech, a terrorist attack occurs targeting the president. His natural abilities allow Sota to save the president, but he is unable to prevent the next attack, and is killed in an explosion. Thinking he was dead, Sota awakes to find himself back in high school... Thus begins a story of thrilling battle action as he re-does his life, a high school student with peak physical abilities!

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