A special interview with popular actor Shohei Hashimoto released. The 100th Time's the Charm series surpasses 100,000 copies!


Drecom Media, the publishing and film brand of Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku) is pleased to announce today, March 22, the launch of volume 2 of the comic adaptation of The 100th Time's the Charm: She Was Executed 99 Times, So How Did She Unlock "Super Love" Mode?! (99loop), romantic fantasy about a Lady who can hear people's true feelings, and that the series has surpassed 100,000 copies.
To commemorate this, we conducted a special interview with popular actor Shohei Hashimoto. He shares his thoughts on the appeal of "99loop," speaking of the titles theme of "inner and outer voice," among other topics.

Comic Volume 2 Publication Information


The 100th Time's the Charm: She Was Executed 99 Times, So How Did She Unlock "Super Love" Mode?! Volume 2

Manga: Roharu Kai, Original Story: Yuji Yuji
Character Design: Nami Hidaka
Price: 748JPY (680JPY + tax)
Format: Size B6
Publisher: Drecom
Prince vs prince! Will this battle of affection lead to war between nations?!
Executed 99 times for a crime she did not commit, Alphina, on her 100th time loop, successfully strikes back against the malevolent Saint who had been manipulating her former fiancé into falling for her!
She had begun a slow life of leisure overseas, but then her former fiancé, the callous Prince Lionett, appears before her, battered and bruised. She comes to learn that the prince still cannot forget her and is utterly infatuated, and that the Saint has escaped from prison and fled to a neighboring country...
And then, the prince of a neighboring country appears, leading to a massive quarrel between the princes over their adoration for Alphina!
The hearts of the princes overflow in Volume 2 of this romantic fantasy!
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Popular actor Shohei Hashimoto hones in on the charm of "99loop"!

To celebrate the series surpassing 100,000 copies and the release of the second volume, we have published a special interview with popular actor Shohei Hashimoto, known as a manga enthusiast, who takes a deep dive into the appeal of this title.
The interview also features a photoshoot of Hashimoto in princely attire, expressing the "inner and outer voice" of Prince Lionett, whose cool exterior belies his deep adoration for the protagonist, Alphina.
This is a must-read for fans, so don't miss out.


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What is "inner and outer voice" to Shohei Hashimoto? On the 100th time, hearing the people's true feelings, a comedy.
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What is The 100th Time's the Charm: She Was Executed 99 Times, So How Did She Unlock "Super Love" Mode?!


Yuji Yuji (Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru) and Nami Hidaka (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!) have teamed up to create a romantic comedy about a Lady stuck in a time loop, falsely accused of plotting to assassinate the Saint 99 times, who turns things around on the 100th. The second volume of this popular novel is now on sale.
The comic adaptation by Roharu Kai, available on free webcomic site DRE COMICS, is enjoying a popular run. Currently available through the second volume.
◆Series Introduction: https://drecom-media.jp/drenovels/series/99reijou
◆Promotion Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bow7JKDudMg
◆DRE COMICS: https://drecom-media.jp/drecomics/series/99reijou

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