The Surviving Savior, a webtoon co-produced by Drecom and Contents Lab. Blue TOKYO begins pre-distribution


Drecom Media, the publishing and video brand of Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), will begin pre-distribution of The Surviving Savior, the fourth title from the webtoon label DRE STUDIOS, via LINE Manga and ebookjapan starting today, April 7.

The Surviving Savior - co-produced by Drecom and Contents Lab. Blue TOKYO

Advanced distribution of the webtoon The Surviving Savior began today, April 7, on the e-comic distribution services LINE Manga and ebookjapan.

This title is a joint production by Drecom and Contents Lab. Blue TOKYO. This is the first title in an effort to expand the global reach of webtoons by collaborating with overseas partners with proven webtoon productions. We hope you will enjoy this "champion protagonist" story, a popular genre even overseas.

Gray, a sorcerer, travels with his sister Fiona and companions to seal away an evil deity that resurrects once every thousand years. But, losing his precious sister and companions, losing everything in the face of the evil deity's overwhelming power, he sinks into the depths of despair. It was then that he hears a voice asking if he wants his loved ones returned... And, opening his eyes, finds himself back in his hometown before he setting out on his adventure, and his sister still alive and well...!
Enjoy this returned-from-death adventure fantasy where the knowledge gained the first time around and honed skills in magic mean fighting back in a second life.

<Title Overview>
The Surviving Savior

Script: Seijyu Amano (Talepot)
Composition: Hazumu Sazuka
Art: NON

Using the knowledge accumulated the first time around, and the magical abilities he has honed, the protagonist fights back.

Gray, a sorcerer, sets out in a party with his sister Fiona and friends to stop a demonic invasion and seal away an evil deity that resurrects once every thousand years. But their journey ends in battle with the evil deity, leaving him battered and broken, having lost both his sister and his companions in the face of its overwhelming power. In a last-ditch effort to save her brother, Fiona users her magic sword, offering her own life in order to successfully seal away the evil deity.

Gray, the only survivor of the party of heroes who saved the world, becomes the emperor of the Holy Empire, acquiring wealth and power, but he is unable to recover from the grief of losing his dear friends and his sister Fiona, his only family member, and remains tormented by regret and despair.

It was then that he hears a voice asking, "Do you want your loved ones returned...?" and, responding "I would give up glory, my own life, everything, to get back those I love," he is enveloped in flames.

Opening his eyes, Gray finds himself back in his hometown, which was long ago decimated  by the demon invasion, and there was Fiona, alive and welll...!
Just who was the mysterious voice that Gray heard?
What path will Gray choose in returning to the past with the evil eye?
In returning to the past, can Gray escape the fate of losing his friends and his sister?

An adventure fantasy of the royal road to death!
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