"Sports 3", a more sustainable sports industry with WEB3 and Artists produced by the tag team of Yuki Ota and Drecom!


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) and WIN3 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Ota) is pleased to announce that the two companies will be forming a partnership in running the new experimental project "Sports3" that is aimed to make the sports industry a more sustainable market by connecting the community and athletes via Web3 services.

Official Website: https://www.sports3.fun/
Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/sports3official/
Official Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/sports3official/
Official Discord Channel: https://discord.com/invite/sports3

About "Sports3"

 The original concept founded by Yuki Ota through his career as an athlete. The project is aimed to overcome the financial difficulties such as "even Olympic athletes require external financial aid from family support and/or donations" and career difficulties such as "athletes have hard time creating value in society aside from winning a match" and "athletes have trouble finding their second career." Through Web3 as a medium, Sports3 is an experimental project aimed to bridge the gap between the community and athletes to make the sports industry a more sustainable industry.

 "Forming the supporting foundation for current and retired athletes" and "creating a sports community that does not rely on donations" are the main two visions of the project.

 As the initial phase of the project, Sports3 will be providing a new ground where athletes, supporters and artists who have agreed with the project vision can gather and share ideas.
 Sports3 will be issuing "Sports3 Pass NFT" for those community members which will act as a proof of their membership in the community, as well as privilege to purchase "Sports3 Collection NFT" and the opportunity to be involved in future policy decisions of the project. "Sports3 Pass NFT" is aimed to support and aid athlete, so during the early phase it will not be sold publicly. However as the community grows, we will be expanding the distribution market.


"Sports3" will also be creating "Sports3 Collection NFT" with the supporting artists based on a certain theme on each phase. Holders of "Sports3 Collection NFT" will be invited to community events that is held based on said theme. "Sports3 Collection NFT" sales will be funding the operation cost of the project. Additionally, we are considering alternative uses decided by the community in order to support the athletes.


What the name "Sports3" means

 Sports3 consists of SPORTS, SUPPORTERS and SOCIETY. In order to create the trinity that can share the joy and excitement of sports, we aim to build a system and a community that can sustain a healthy sports experience for everyone.


Future and value of "Sports3"

"Sports3" is aimed to create a community that can enjoy whenever the supporting athletes hold a match regardless of boundries, gender and ages.
 Along with the athletes, supporters and artists would form "Sports3" that will enrich each other by sharing a mutual and sustainable goal of the project.



Spring 2023
・"Sports3" foundation and "Sports3 Pass NFT" distribution within the member athletes
・First sale of "Sports3 Collection NFT"
・First voting of the athletes that the community want to support

Summer 2023
・Match viewing event
・Second voting of the athletes that the community want to support
・Second sale of "Sports3 Collection NFT"

■Comment from Yuki Ota, the founder

 I would like to make an opportunity for current and retired athletes to notice and learn their new possibilities in the sport industry regardless of the sports type, country and age. I wish "Sports3" will be widely spread across various athletes and supports to make sports a stronger culture in their life. By holding a collaboration with the supporting athletes, I can't wait to see the chain reaction this may cause.

■Comment from Yuki Naito, CEO of Drecom

I am happy to form a partnership with Ota, who is also a known Olympic contestant, through Sports3. The outcome of this project is still shrouded in mystery as anything can happen, but that is what also excites me. I hope this project will bridge the gap and form an interesting community of athletes, supporters, artists, and other companies. Through this challenge of Sports and Web3, we as Drecom will like to explore the new world of entertainment and Web3.

■Participating Athletes(As of February 14, 2023, in no particular order)

Akihito Yamada (Rugby), ・Yuko Kobori (Lacross), Yudai Nitta (Track Racing), ・Yurina Koshino (Tennis), Miu Tanaka (Baseball5), Yushiro Hirano (Hockey), Ayako Rokkaku (Baseball5), Tomoya Okawa (Wushu Taijiquan), Yuki Miura (Hockey), Ayano Kazuta (Baseball5), Naoki Idegawa (Mountain Bicycle/Downhill), Misaki Doi (Tennis), Yuta Funemizu (Soft Tennis), Maki Umehara (Soccer), Keita Watanabe (Short Track Speed Skating), Yuka Kuroda (Tennis), Shotaro Haraguchi (Beach Soccer)

■We are still looking for new participating athletes to expand this project.

Register from the following website and we will contact you.

Following Twitter Spaces will be held!

Celebrating the foundation of "Sports3", the founder Yuki Ota will be holding a Twitter Space at the following time:
 ・February 15, 2023 (Wed.) 18:30 ~Speaker: Yuki Ota and Yuki Naito
 ・February 20, 2023 (Wed.) 20:30 ~ Speaker: Yuki Ota, Yuki Naito and a guest athlete (tbd)
 ・Official Twitter Account:https://twitter.com/sports3official/
*Content is subject to change. For the latest details, see the official Twitter.

 Addition to the above Twitter Spaces, "Sports3 Founder Yuki Ota's 33 times Twitter Space Challenge!" will be held. For more details, see the official Twitter.

■About Drecom Co., Ltd.
Address: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
CEO: Yuki Naito

■About WIN3 Co., Ltd.
Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
CEO: Yuki Ota

■About NFT
 NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that is proven who own how many through blockchain management. It is widely used through various means to add value to gaming items, illustration and community memberships.

■About Web3 Projects
 We at Drecom view Web3 as a"dispersible internet service using tokens." We believe Web3 will be having a large impact in the internet industry.
 With this dispersible internet service using tokens, it allows us to elevate users from 'service users' to 'service collaborators.' It also allows the provided value to be maximized through the token ecosystem that utilizes the service, creating a noticeable differentiation from existing internet services.
 We see these innovations as a business opportunity, and will progress the project on the basis of operating a dispersible internet service using tokens.