Twitter-based fan community & UGC promotion service, Rooot, launches gacha feature/campaign to commemorate the release is now underway


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) and MOTTO inc. (Headquarters: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; President: Motoi Sato) have launched Flying Gacha Returns, built into the Twitter promotions service, Rooot. In a campaign to commemorate the launch, the first three services to apply for Rooot by the end of August 2023 will be given complimentary access to this gacha option introduced herein.
*The campaign has already ended.

What is Flying Gacha Returns?

Flying Gacha Returns is a gacha service that uses the Rooot ( system, which has been used in campaigns for over 200 services. Gacha theatrics can make Twitter campaigns more exciting for participating users, and boost engagement leading to the tops of trending charts. What makes this service different from traditional instant win or follow-and-retweet services is that it is a UGC-type service where fans can participate together to make the campaign more exciting. Users can not only win gacha prizes, but also have fun posting on Twitter and interacting with other fans. We hope that you will make use of this service to boost your anniversaries and events, with services such as pre-registrations and commemorative planning.

*Flying Gacha Returns is available stand-alone, or as an optional feature of Rooot (gacha option feature).

What is Rooot?

Rooot is a Twitter promotion service that gives users (fans) a chance to connect with each other and build buzz together, leading fans to become more than just fans. Rooot differs from instant win and follow-and-retweet promotions in the following ways:

[Comparison of Rooot with existing services]


[Issues that Rooot resolves]


Clients who make use of Rooot face the following issues, which Rooot can solve for them. Flying Gacha Returns can also these same issues as Rooot.

[Case Study] Bad Badtz-Maru (Sanrio Co., Ltd.) 30th Birthday Event

Sanrio Co., Ltd. made use of Flying Gacha Returns for the online celebration of Bad Badtz-Maru's 30th birthday.


In the campaign, users can earn points by tweeting with the hashtags "#Happy30thBadtz_maru" or "#Badtz_maru30th" or by liking or retweeting tweets with the hashtags, and then use those points in a gacha card game.
The campaign was a great success, with many Bad Badtz-Maru fans participating, tweets full of love for the character came flooding in.
*The campaign has already ended.
Campaign Period: March 24, 2023 - April 1, 2023

[Goals of the Campaign]

  1. Build buzz for Badtz-Maru's 30th birthday.
  2. Have users tweet well-wishes for Badtz-Maru's 30th birthday.
  3. Have users play the gacha which could net them rare cards.

[Campaign Benefits]

  1. Increased tweets from fans expressing their love for the character.
  2. The gacha feature provided a fun and satisfying experience for fans.
  3. Many congratulatory tweets, likes and retweets helped spread awareness of the campaign.
  4. Created opportunities for users to connect with each other by liking and replying to each other.

The Flying Gacha Returns System

Flying Gacha Returns works as follows.

  • The operator designates a hashtag to boost the campaign.
  • Users can earn points by liking/retweeting tweets with hashtag.
  • Users can use the points they earn on gacha pulls.
  • The user gets a prize they like and the prize is verified.
  • Users can keep pulling gachas as long as they have points until the prize is verified.

Benefits of using Flying Gacha Returns

Using Flying Gacha confers the following benefits:

  • This service can boost your anniversaries and events, with services such as pre-registrations and commemorative planning.
  • Gacha campaigns can be held without the need for any system development.
  • Can promote user-generated content by bundling with hashtag tweets from users.
  • Likes/retweets will spread tweets related to the campaign.
  • Engagement boosting will lead to the tops of trending charts.
  • Fan communities are formed when fans interact with each other on Twitter.

About the release commemoration campaign

The first three services to apply for Rooot by the end of August 2023 will be given complimentary access to this gacha option. We hope you will use it to boost your Twitter campaign.
*The campaign has already ended 


Rooot service supports the latest Twitter API.

Contact Information

Please contact us for more detailed information on features, utilization, costs, or documentation.
Drecom Co., Ltd., Rooot Manager / Email:

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Drecom Co., Ltd.

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