Reign of Dragons, goes live in the United States on GREE

Reign of Dragons, a hit card battle game from Japan, 
goes live in the United States on GREE
Drecom Corporation Limited, a Japanese social gaming company based in Tokyo, brings Reign of Dragons to the US today. Reign of Dragons is based off of the highly successful massively multiplayer online card battle game Dragon Dreizehn, which is the Japanese version of the game offered on the social networking services GREE and mixi. Since September of this year the game has been in beta testing in several countries.



As a warrior descendant of the Dragon Clan, the player must rally together a strong gathering of Dragons and other creatures to save the world from the ever growing evil and prevent  its destruction by their hands. The ultimate goal of the player is to become the Dragon King himself/herself. Players will encounter terrifying dragons, mystifyingly beautiful women, curious fairy queens, fear-inspiring demons, and much more! All users regardless of age or gender will be able to enjoy and appreciate the beautifully, and painstakingly hand-crafted illustrations created by over 50 professional artists. 



Reign of Dragons utilizes a variety of great sound effects and enchanting background music that enliven the experience. While embarking on the many, unique quests, the game gives players the ability to perform stunning attacks with dazzling animations and graphics at surprising speeds for a mobile application. While still retaining the essence of the gorgeous Japanese cards, the U.S. version of Reign of Dragons will have all new illustrations created especially for an American and worldwide audience. The focus of Reign of Dragons is its impelling storyline, beautiful illustrations, and ease of gameplay. It is well received in Japan and consequently will be made available for the enjoyment of users worldwide.




To get a better feel of the world of Dragon Dreizehn, check out the trailer at the link below:
Game Title Screen
Player Battle

Sample Card Illustrations

カードイメージ1.jpg カードイメージ2.jpg カードイメージ3.jpg
Sample Card Image #1 Sample Card Image #2 Sample Card Image #3

Outline for Reign of Dragons

Reign of Dragons
Game Genre
Massively Multiplayer Online Card Collecting and Battling Game
US Launch Date
November 15, 2012
Enabled Devices
All iOS devices with iOS version 4.3 or later. 
Note: 3G devices and tablets are not supported 
Usage Fee
Free to play with in-game transactions available
Areas Available
United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and the United states as of November 15, 2012