First look at many in-game images from Devil Prince and the Puppet! Two days full of venue-exclusive content. Animate Girls Festival 2023 Exhibition Report for the dark fantasy adventure game for smartphones


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) exhibited at Animate Girls Festival 2023 held on November 3 and 4, 2023. The exhibited title is Devil Prince and the Puppet, a dark fantasy adventure game for smartphones. Here is a report on the event booth.

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In-game images unveiled at AGF! Exclusive content also very popular!


At AGF2023, we unveiled the first standard SSR [pre-awakening] card illustrations and in-game adventure background images. The nine characters standard SSRs [pre-awakening] card illustrations released are Dia, Espada, Fiori, Claude, Eric, Oscar, Mere, Kai, and Tis. The illustrations show off the essence of each character. We hope you look forward to the [post-awakening] illustrations as well. In addition, two types of QR codes were available for each character panel. One of them gave access to a special website with character profiles that were made available for the first time. The other was a special site that could be accessed by using the postcards distributed at the event, and the audience was able to listen to the voices of the characters for the first time.


Our booth's motif was...? The display items are a hint!

The visuals and movies of Devil Prince and the Puppet so far have been primarily white and red, but this time the booth turned black and purple, giving the things a darker atmosphere. Silhouettes blended into the in-game adventure background images, and a number of items on display seemingly had nothing to do with characters released. What could they have been showing...? Do please wait for new information.


Special guidebook with some of the WIP game images distributed

We were pleased to have many visitors over the two days, including many of our regular followers and supporters on social media who have been with us since last year, as well as those who have stopped by our booth in passing. We handed out a special guidebook featuring some of the game screens under development and a special postcard (9 types in total, randomly selected) to all visitors.

<<Left: Special guidebook & special postcard   Right: Novelty distribution>>

Other event images

The booth was filled with guests all the day through, everyone enjoying the event in a variety of ways.

<<Guests enjoying themselves at the booth>>

Devil Prince and the Puppet merch sales info

The goods displayed at the booth are now on sale at the official online shop and various other e-commerce sites.


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About the Devil Prince and the Puppet


── This is the story of a prince who became a devil. ──
Beloved as family to the king, an incident awakened the devil within Dia, and his once-precious country has fallen to ruin. Long in solitude, he survives by devouring the souls of humankind, served by his compatriots, Espada and Fiori.

Imprisoned within this trio's castle, so to begins your story...

●Planning/Development: Drecom Co., Ltd. and Liber Entertainment Inc.
●Genre: Dark Fantasy Adventure
●Main Scenario Writer: Takumi Miyajima (Notable Works: Tales of the Abyss (Main Scenario), SCARLET NEXUS (Story Draft))
●Character Designs: Domino Ozaki (Notable Works: Dengeki Bunko illustrations, Ark Nights English Social Media illustrations)
●Platforms: iOS, Android

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