TikPuls, a fan community & UGC promotion service for TikTok has officially launched. Case study featuring soccer club league support campaign


Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) is pleased to announce the official release of a new TikTok-based service, TikPuls, for the Japanese market on March 27, 2024. This service aims to promote fan communities and user-generated content (UGC). Prior to the official release, soccer clubs Albirex Niigata (J1 League) and Criacao Shinjuku (JFL) held a campaign utilizing TikPuls to support the league opening, and we will also introduce examples of this campaign.

Official release of new fan marketing service, TikPuls.

Drecom has now added a new service to its lineup of fan marketing services. The newly-developed TikPuls for TikTok follows on the heels of Rooot for X and Fanflu for YouTube.

TikPuls-powered promotions can encourage fans to actively post on TikTok. An environment that is rich in fan-generated UGC not only deepens loyalty to a service or brand, but also connects them with other users on TikTok who share the same interests.

■TikTok promotion service TikPuls


・TikPuls Service Website

■Background of the Service

・TikTok search has become mainstream for Generation Z

According to a survey of 1002 North American consumers conducted by American marketing platform SOCI, 62% of 18-24 year olds use TikTok as a search tool, slightly higher than the 61% usage rate of Google search. Many users use Google and other search engines to find out more about topics of interest on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram. This indicates the increasing role of social media as a starting point for interest. Given this current state of Internet usage, it is essential to spotlight social media content in order to attract the largest number of fans. Drecom's fan marketing service was developed to meet this very need to spotlight content.

・How to increase posts enough for social media searches?

There are limits to the number of posts that can be sent via official channels alone, making it difficult to resonate with the younger generation. Posting through influencers is certainly effective for reach, but it also has issues of high cost and lack of continuity. Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) is an effective solution. UGC refers to content created and transmitted by the consumers, the users themselves.

User-participation posting not only efficiently increases the volume of posts, also brings diversity to the content and has the potential to further increase the effects of word-of-mouth.

TikPuls is a promotional service with user-generated content stimulus at its core. By using this service, companies and brands can encourage users to post content continuously, thus improving the quality and quantity of UGC-based content.

Case study featuring soccer club league support campaign

Prior to the official release, two teams from soccer clubs Albirex Niigata (J1 League) and Criacao Shinjuku (JFL) held a campaign utilizing TikPuls to support the opening of the 2024 league season. Here are those examples.

■Albirex Niigata

© ALBIREX NIIGATA. All Rights Reserved.

■Criacao Shinjuku

© 2022 Criacao Shinjuku

In this campaign, participants posted on TikTok with a specified hashtag and earned points by collecting likes and were entered into a drawing for prizes according to the points they collected.

Official merch such as uniforms signed by all of the team's players and muffler towels were prepared as prizes, highly coveted by supporters are eager to cheer on their team.

In this campaign case study, new fans created new accounts to participate in the campaign apart from existing TikTok users, further reinforcing the excitement leading up to the start of the league season.

■The TikPuls System

Fans participated in the TikPuls campaign using the following steps:

Registering to Participate:

Linking their TikTok account.

Earn Points:

Points earned for posts with specified hashtags (each post is eligible for points one time).
Points earned for liking posts with specified hashtags (can be done multiple times, but there is a daily limit).

Redeeming Prizes:

Accumulated points used for redeeming prizes and entering into drawing.
Prize redemption (lottery entry) allowed participants to redeem (enter) multiple times for as many points as they could earn during the campaign period. This kept fans active throughout the campaign period, and since they would get more likes, they actively posted to increase their own engagement on TikTok.

■Contact Information

For inquiries about our services
Please contact us for more detailed information on features, utilization, costs, or documentation.

Contact Information
Drecom Co., Ltd., TikPuls Manager / Email: Rooot-support@ml.drecom.co.jp